Barbaroslar Episode 11 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 11 With English Subtitles.

The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 11 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Backed by the backing of the Ottoman Empire, the Barbaros brothers reunite with audiences this week with a captivating episode.

What dangers await Baba Oruk and Hijar Reis in this war waged against the oppressors; Pietro, who captured Baba Oruk, who confiscated Unita’s gold and wanted to give the gold to his rightful owners,

showed his cruelty to the end with a trap set on Isabel. Isabelle will get just as much of this cruelty. How will Silvio react when he sees his daughter being tortured by Pietro?

Meanwhile, Pietro had Despina kidnapped by his close friend, Alfo. However, as a result of the discovery of Alfio, Elias, and Ashtor, Despina fell off a cliff and died.

On the other hand, Hojor and Nico escape from several traps on the island of Tenebris, where they go to find the Daughter of Light, but fall into Diego’s trap.

Barbaroslar Episode 11 With English Subtitles.

Light’s daughter Maryam came to the aid of Hizir and Niko, who were surrounded by dozens of enemy soldiers. Will Maryam be able to save Hauser and Nico from this trap?

In addition to all this, Shahbaz, who was in conflict with his father and showed a hostile attitude towards the fasts as a result of the alliance with Pietro, killed his father Kilic Bey, who insisted on helping the fasts.

Khidr, who arrived at Tenebris with the Kilic Bren ship, would need this ship to return, but Shahbaz would not send a ship to help him. How will Hizir, Niko and Merrim get rid of Tenebris? What role will the dervish play in getting them out of Tenebris?

Barbaroslar Episode 11 With English Subtitles.