Watch Barbaroslar Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 14 With English Subtitles.

The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 14 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Backed by the backing of the Ottoman Empire, the Barbaros brothers reunite with audiences this week with a captivating episode.

What dangers await Baba Oruk and Hijar Reis in this war waged against the oppressors; Oruk, Ilyas, and the Levants capture the ship carrying the cobble balls,

which Kalimnos had prepared for the conquest of Lesbos. Oruk, who was going to disrupt Kalynos’ plan by taking the looted gold from the Abyssinians,

was faced with another surprise, and Alfonso, who introduced himself as a merchant, confronted his mortal enemy, the Kalymnos commander. Introduced as Pietro.

Barbaroslar Episode 14 With English Subtitles.

How will Pietro and Oruk face off?
Will Oruk be able to save the gold that Unita stole from the oppressed Abyssinians?

Shahbaz, who was in charge of the inn, learned that Silvio had taken refuge in Oruk and had trapped Silvio in the inn. Isabelle, who found her father hanging in the inn, had the idea that Shahbaz had done it. Isabelle heard her brother’s voice when she was going to kill Shahbaz.

Did it fall into the hands of her brother, Shahbaz, whom Isabel had been longing for and searching for over the years?
What will be the restrictions of Shahbaz, who wants to take Isabel with him to take everything to Oruk?

Seeing that Pietro was whispering a prayer that he had remembered from his childhood, Maryam caught him in the woods, with the possibility that he was his brother. Meriem, who asked Pietro how she knew this prayer, received no answer and Pietro wounded Meriem and fled.

How will Pietro, whose suspicions rise that he is Merrim’s brother, follow him to learn the truth?
What will Merriam and Pietro’s next confrontation be like?

Huma threatened Firuz with the power of the Ottomans, who tried at every opportunity to set a stone in front of the trade.

What will be the new move of Firoz, who wants to take revenge in return?

Will the Mamluk Emir Karabey be able to stop Oruk, who, despite his warnings, did not back down and damage his reputation as the shadow of the Ottoman Empire in the Mamluk lands?

Barbaroslar Episode 14 With English Subtitles.