Watch Barbaroslar Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 15 With English Subtitles.

The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 15 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Oruc Reis, who inflicted a major defeat on Pietro and the Rhodes Knights, managed to give the gold plundered by Unita to the oppressed Abyssinians. Meanwhile,

Oruc Reis, whose ship was confiscated on the grounds that it was carrying coyote balls, had to return to Alexandria to stop Kara bey,

and Elias and his Levants, who remained with the Abyssinians but were ambushed. Will Elias, who is slain by Antuan, die? Knowing that his brother Elias was ambushed,

will Oruc be able to save him from the clutches of death? Who would like to stop fasting and how?

Unable to stop Oruc’s rise as an Ottoman shadow in the Islamic world, what will Kara bey do to eradicate him from his land?

Barbaroslar Episode 15 With English Subtitles.

How will Firuz stop Huma, who plans to set up her workshop in Alexandria, from gaining strength in business?

Hizir and Merim, who embarked on the Secret Book of Solutions’ journey to open the doors to the Mediterranean, managed to reach Lesbos by crossing the trap set for them.

Will Maryam survive the onslaught that has escalated with the arrival of Isaac and the Janissaries?

Or will Pietro eventually be able to capture Maryam, whom she suspects is her brother?
Upon learning that her brother was in the hands of Shahbaz, Isabelle,

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