Watch Barbaroslar Episode 25 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 25 With English Subtitles.

The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 25 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Will Baba Oruc and Antuan escape from captivity?

‘Barbarossler Sword of the Mediterranean’ Season 1 Episode 25 Summary:

Hizir Raes, who secretly entered the modan with Piri Reese and the Levant, managed to stop Gabriel, who was preparing to kill Oruk, with a sword on his neck. Will Gabriel die?

Will Hizir Baba be able to protect Oruc and Antuan from captivity? Who knows how Oruc will be killed?

Merriam shared her suspicions with Hizir that the traitor in them was my personal. How does my person harm Merriam by preventing him from getting close to Hizir?

Shahbaz, knowing that Khidr and his Levant were heading to Modon, was interrupted by Shahin and his soldiers as they were about to inform Gabriel. Can Shahbaz escape from the alliance with Gabriel in his place?

Ilyas, who went to the mail by falling into Messiah’s pocket trap, was charged with infidelity and received a heavy blow from Hizir. What would happen to Ilyas, who was completely separated from Hizir and knew that he would be deported or hanged if he tried to hide?

What kind of tensions do Merriam and Isabel feel in the process after they break up with Esma after their argument? When fasting returns, what kind of confrontation does he have with his brother who has put on the coat, and what does he do to the Messiah’s Pasha?

Barbaroslar Episode 25 With English Subtitles.

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