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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

The Alparslan: Great Seljuks Chapter or Episode 31 Summary With Review And Explanation.

Alparslan: The Great Seljuk Episode 31 Summary

Alparslan, who was trying to uncover who the killers were after the merchant’s death, came to Surmari Han, confident that Merchant Wang was telling the truth.

Everyone is shocked when Wang tells them that the merchants were killed on Alperslan’s orders. How does Alperslon get out of this situation? Will he get Wong to talk or solve it by chasing another clue?

Will there be one last move before the wedding or will Seferi agree to this situation now? Gregor wants to hear that Alperslan killed all the local merchants, thus canceling the planned trade move for Vaspurakan.

Alexander wants to further injure Alparslan by establishing a new plan to completely destroy the death of the merchants in Alparslan.

What is Alexander’s new move, will Alparslan be able to respond? Bolstered by Ok’s arrival, Yinal is none too happy with his duties as governor of Azerbaijan.

They feel that these duties are given to keep them away from the throne and they object. Does Yinal have time to act now or will he phase his organization out?

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

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After the conquest of Vaspurakan, Alperslan rolled up his sleeves to make Vaspurakan a Turkish-Islamic city and began to work for the prosperity of the city by focusing on trade.

While Alparslan was carrying out these activities, the ruler of Bukhara, Arslan Yusuf from Karahan, was provoked by Ani, Grigor’s new Tekfer, and attacked to take the city of Belt from the Seljuks.

As a result of the battle, the Seljuks won, and Arslan Yusuf was taken, prisoner. Arslan Yusuf was the man who had earlier attacked the Seljuks and killed Ibrahim Yinal’s father Yusuf Yinal.

Ibrahim Yinal wants his father’s murderer, Arslan Yusuf, to be killed, not taken prisoner.

Will the Seljuks think this is an attempt by the Qarakhanids, or will they realize that Grigor is behind it?

After the war, a treaty between the sultans of the two kingdoms completely changes the life of Seferi, the daughter of Alperslan and Arslan Yusuf.

Will Seferiye agree to this marriage she never wanted to save her father’s life? How will Alparslan, the fire still burning in Akana’s heart, approach this marriage at the behest of Sultan Tughrul?

Ani’s new commander, Grigor, arrives on Ani’s land to begin his duties with his son, Captain Alexander, but the plan he sets up, shows he’s been closely following politics for a long time.

What are the new plans of Grigor who wants to tilt the balance of power in the region in his favor by creating internal conflict among the Turks by making the Karakhanids attack the Seljuks?

What role does his son Alexander play in these plans? Will Nizamulmulk, who retreats to the mountains after Akka’s martyrdom and feels his pain, reunite with Alparslan by throwing his pain into himself?

What will Alparslan do to get his brother back among them?

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