Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

The blessed visit of Alparslan, who opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks …
On the day the Seljuk sultan Tugrul Bey will appoint his successor, he receives news that the Byzantines killed the Turkmens with a sword. He orders an expedition to Anatolia. Mysterious assassins attack Seljuk Melic who went on a journey. The scars of the attack take Alparslan to a place he never expected.

While Alparslan is behind the killers, he saves the life of Akca, a Turkmen girl who survived Byzantine persecution. This would be the first spark of epic love between Alparslan and Akca. However, Alperslan is unaware of the secrets Akca hides behind her beauty.

The Byzantine Emperor sends General Ducasse and Captain Romanian Diogenes to Ani to resolve problems with the Turkmen. However, Sultan Tugrul decided to go to war due to a mistake made by Ani Takefuru Kekawamenos’ son Yanis.

Alparslan would be the first step on his blessed path of opening the doors of Anatolia to the Turks.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With English Urdu & Hindi Subtitles

After the conquest of Vaspurakan. Alparslan rolled up his sleeves to make Vaspurakan a Turkish-Islamic city and began to work for the city’s prosperity by focusing on trade. While Alparslan was carrying out these activities, the ruler of Bukhara, Arslan Yusuf from Karahan, was provoked by Ani, Grigor’s new Tekfer, and attacked to take the city of Belt from the Seljuks.

As a result of the battle, the Seljuks won, and Arslan Yusuf was taken, prisoner. Arslan Yusuf was the man who had earlier attacked the Seljuks and killed Ibrahim Yinal’s father Yusuf Yinal.

Ibrahim Yinal wants his father’s murderer, Arslan Yusuf, to be killed, not taken prisoner. Will the Seljuks think this is an attempt by the Qarakhanids, or will they realize that Grigor is behind it?

After the war, a treaty between the sultans of the two kingdoms completely changes the life of Seferi, the daughter of Alperslan and Arslan Yusuf. Will Seferiye agree to this marriage she never wanted to save her father’s life. How will Alparslan, the fire still burning in Akana’s heart, approach this marriage at the behest of Sultan Tughrul?

Ani’s new commander, Grigor, arrives on Ani’s land to begin his duties with his son, Captain Alexander, but the plan he sets up, it shows he’s been closely following politics for a long time. What are the new plans of Grigor who wants to tilt the balance of power in the region in his favor by creating internal conflict among the Turks by making the Karakhanids attack the Seljuks?

What role does his son Alexander play in these plans?

Will Nizamulmulk, who retreats to the mountains after Akka’s martyrdom and feels his pain, reunite with Alparslan by throwing his pain into himself? What will Alparslan do to get his brother back among them?

Alparslan fulfilled his promise to Kutalmes, “I will be with you in 3 nights” and marched on Kutalmes with his army. Kutalmis, looking at the stars, saw that fighting at that time would not bring him success, and Alparslan tried to prevent him from passing by making the passage a swamp.

Alparslan crossed the swamp at all costs and invited Kutalmes to the square. Kutalmış Alparslan face? Or will he wait for the stars to shine for his fortune? Who will rise to the throne in this fight?

Leon also arrived on the battlefield and began to follow from afar the battle of Alperslan and Kutalmis, which he expected to take place. Leon wants to leave Solomon unchallenged on the throne by breaking the war winner in his weakest moment. Will Leon be able to achieve his goal or will another problem cause him to change goals?

Arriving at Seferie, Alp told Alperslon that a trap was being prepared. Will they be able to gather this information for Alparslan and rescue him from this trap before he realizes it?

On the other hand, Suleiman was preparing to strengthen his hand against the victorious gentlemen in the field war. Who will use Suleymansa and Mansur as trump cards against Suleiman, and Kutalmis, who will they hold as trump cards against Alperslan?

Alparslan first defeated Kutalmes on the battlefield, and then marched to Rey and took the throne. Knowing that Alperslan is marching on him, Suleiman escapes with Flora for his life.

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan, who had made a breach on the Byzantine front.

Alperslan gave Amidulmulk the punishment he deserved and proclaimed him Sultan. Alperslon’s current target is Ani. As the threshold of Ani must be crossed to open the gates of Anatolia, Alperslon bases all his plans on this goal. What will Alparslan do to conquer Annie? What lands will he conquer, and what plans will he prepare?

Alperslan wanted to ensure the social peace that had been disturbed during Suleiman’s reign; With the help of Seferiye and Nizamulmulk, he makes new advances in education and other fields and tries to restore order in the Seljuk possessions. What was the role of Seferiyeh and Nizamulmulk in these activities?

Knowing that Ani is his only target with Alparslan becoming Sultan, Leon tries to stop Alperslan. What does Leon do in this fight? Will he seek help from Constantinople or does he have other ambitions against Alperslon? Before conquering Ani, Alparslan had been conquering the surrounding castles, cities, and lands one by one and surrounding Ani.

He made a show of strength by showing Bagrat the keys to the fortresses he had taken from the Byzantine vassals. He showed Bagrat with his documents that the vassals had been killed on Leon’s orders.

Accelerated his march towards the capture of Ani with the development of this struggle. Alparslan, trying to develop the Seljuk nation not only through Pusat but also through science, goes a long way in educational activities through Seferiya.

What does Leon do when faced with Bagrath’s wrath when Alparslan solves his entire game? Will he be able to convince Bagrat or will he settle the matter in some other way? What is Leon’s new plan to stop Alparslan’s march to Ani?

As Kaward lay in bed with his wound, Mansoor came to him and told him that Alparsalan had given his property to Fazluye. Will Kaward accept this decision or raise the flag of rebellion? What will Alparslan do if he encounters a mutiny while walking to Ani?