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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 40 Trailer 1 With English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 40 Trailer 1 With English Subtitles

The Alparslan: Great Seljuks Chapters or Episodes Summary With Review And Explanation.

Alparslan: The Great Seljuk Chapter 39 Summary:

Arslan Yusuf captures Flora and asks Grigor to kill Yinal, Alp Arslan’s also come here and witnesses this scene.

How does Alparslan save Yinal? Will Arslan Yusuf be able to secure his life after releasing Flora? Will Grigor bow to Arslan Yusuf’s threat?

Alparslan project implemented with great difficulty? What does Yanal, who has infiltrated Ani with the cooperation of Alperslan, do on behalf of the Seljuks?

Will he force Gregor and Alexander to make wrong choices with his guidance? Will Grigor come to Yinal’s game? Or does he have other plans?

Seferiye and Alperslan began to get to know each other better. Although both begin to warm inside and love the other side, they try not to show it too much.

Unaware that Yınal’s refuge in Ani is Alparslan’s plan, will Öke try to do things that jeopardize the plan to save Yinal?

Returning to Ray after what he saw in Baghdad, Tughrul becomes a guest at the castle, not knowing what will happen to him. What awaits Tughrul on this visit?

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 40 Trailer 1 With English Subtitles

1 Allah Hu Akbar!

2 Who are you? Who are your Parents? Tell me your Name.
3 My Name is Akca.
4 I owe you for my Life.
5 Now there is no debt left

6 May your horses be fast, May your Swords be Sharp.
7 May the hearth of Hazrath Ali, The Strenght of Hazrath Hamza, and The Power of Hazrath Omer be a guide to you.
8 May Allah Provide you with anything you need.

9 I am the son of Cagri Bey who could never be defeated, Mohammed Alparslan.
10 The worthless head of this wild Turk is Mine.

11 Allah Hu Akbar!

Alparslan rolled up his sleeves to make Vaspurakan a Turkish-Islamic city and began to work for the city’s prosperity by focusing on trade.

While Alparslan was carrying out these activities, the ruler of Bukhara, Arslan Yusuf from Karahan, was provoked by Ani, Grigor’s new Tekfer, and attacked to take the city of Belt from the Seljuks.

After the conquest of Vaspurakan.

As a result of the battle, the Seljuks won, and Arslan Yusuf was taken, prisoner. Arslan Yusuf was the man who had earlier attacked the Seljuks and killed Ibrahim Yinal’s father Yusuf Yinal.

Ibrahim Yinal wants his father’s murderer, Arslan Yusuf, to be killed, not taken prisoner.

Will the Seljuks think this is an attempt by the Qarakhanids, or will they realize that Grigor is behind it?

After the war, a treaty between the sultans of the two kingdoms completely changes the life of Seferi, the daughter of Alperslan and Arslan Yusuf.

Will Seferiye agree to this marriage she never wanted to save her father’s life. How will Alparslan, the fire still burning in Akca’s heart, approach this marriage at the best of Sultan Tughrul?

Ani’s new commander, Grigor, arrives on Ani’s land to begin his duties with his son, Captain Alexander, but the plan he sets up, shows he’s been closely following politics for a long time.

What are the new plans of Grigor who wants to tilt the balance of power in the region in his favor by creating internal conflict among the Turks by making the Karakhanids attack the Seljuks?

What role does his son Alexander play in these plans? Will Nizamulmulk, who retreats to the mountains after Akka’s martyrdom and feels his pain, reunite with Alparslan by throwing his pain into himself?

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