Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 51 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 51 in English Subtitles

After the conquest of Vaspurakan, Alparslan rolled up his sleeves to make Vaspurakan a Turkish-Islamic city and began to work for the city’s prosperity by focusing on trade.

While Alparslan was carrying out these activities, the ruler of Bukhara, Arslan Yusuf from Karahan, was provoked by Ani, Grigor’s new Tekfer, and attacked to take the city of Belt from the Seljuks.

As a result of the battle, the Seljuks won, and Arslan Yusuf was taken, prisoner. Arslan Yusuf was the man who had earlier attacked the Seljuks and killed Ibrahim Yinal’s father Yusuf Yinal.

Ibrahim Yinal wants his father’s murderer, Arslan Yusuf, to be killed, not taken prisoner.

Will the Seljuks think this is an attempt by the Qarakhanids, or will they realize that Grigor is behind it?

After the war, a treaty between the sultans of the two kingdoms completely changes the life of Seferi, the daughter of Alperslan and Arslan Yusuf.

Will Seferiye agree to this marriage she never wanted to save her father’s life. How will Alparslan, the fire still burning in Akana’s heart, approach this marriage at the behest of Sultan Tughrul?

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 51 in English Subtitles

Ani’s new commander, Grigor, arrives on Ani’s land to begin his duties with his son, Captain Alexander, but the plan he sets up, shows he’s been closely following politics for a long time.

What are the new plans of Grigor who wants to tilt the balance of power in the region in his favor by creating internal conflict among the Turks by making the Karakhanids attack the Seljuks?

What role does his son Alexander play in these plans? Will Nizamulmulk, who retreats to the mountains after Akka’s martyrdom and feels his pain, reunite with Alparslan by throwing his pain into himself?

What will Alparslan do to get his brother back among them?

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Alparslan saved the expeditions from the Brutes and repulsed the attack on Leon and captured Leon.

Alparslan, taking action to recover the Vaspurakan he had lost, enters during Suleiman’s visit to Grigor, but is arrested by Leon, who somehow manages to escape from the camp.

What does Alperslon do now?
Will she be able to escape Leon or will she fight back to get Vaspurakan?
Will Leon Alparslan be able to do anything?
What was the reaction of Suleiman and Grigor in this situation?
Amidulmulk set a good strategy against Kutalmes and trapped him in the fort. The end of the road for captured Kutalmes and Rasul Tegin?
Or will they break free from this trap and continue their journey to the throne?
Will Amidulmulk’s game be enough to beat Kutalmes this time?

The fear felt for a while after Sepheri’s sudden disappearance and her unconsciousness turns to joy when the truth is revealed and Alperslan waits to deliver the good news. Alperslon kills Grigor, who seriously wounds Seferie. Sepheriye was lying in a pool of blood. Alparslan able to train doctors Seferiye?

Will Seferiye, who is pregnant, lose her baby?

Determined to advance his path to the throne, what is Alparslan’s new goal? Kutalmis grabbed Alperslon at the last of Rey’s ring of defense and began moving towards Rey, leading his lords to his side. Thanks to Süleyman Leon, he caught Ray at the last moment and welcomed him to Kutalmis.

Will Alparslan and Kutalmış unite in the face of this situation, or will they separate and see Ganja crumble? Will Erbasgun betray the Seljuks again?

Suleiman threatened to blow up the hundreds of naves he had hidden underground if Kutalmes entered the palace. Will Kutalmis return or will he march on Suleiman at the cost of his life? Left alone in Annie after Grigor’s death, Leon’s new target is marijuana. Will Leon reach his goal, who will use Erbasgon as a tool to deliver marijuana to Suleiman?

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