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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 With English Subtitles.

Establishment Osman, Chapter or Episode 79 Summary With Review And Explanation.

The vizier Elemah, who learns that Kay Alps has been kidnapped, becomes enraged and throws Seh Adebili into the dungeon. While Osman Bay sets out his strategy to save Sheikh Adebali, he plans to break the alliance of Vizier Alemsa and Tekfors and target Onegol’s market. The Kosses, who joined Osman Bey to avenge Mari’s death from Nikola, are trying to seduce Rogatus.

Usman Bey secretly approaches Kayas Obasi and confronts his elder brother Gunduj Bey harshly. In order to ask his brother to take over the princely post in his absence, Osman Bey then stands before the vizier Elemah, who declared himself a rebel and puts his sword around his neck.

What will be Osman Bey’s plan to save Sheikh Adebili?
What threatens Osman Bey, who secretly goes to Kayu Obasi?
Will Osman Bay be able to break the alliance of Wazir Elemah and Tekfurs?
How will Osman Bay Vazir settle accounts with Elema?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 With English Subtitles.

Orhan’s birth makes everyone happy!
In the New episode of “The Establishment Osman”, the birth of Orhan Ghazi delighted the whole Kayı Tribe and the Turkmens in the region. While Osman Sahab’s principality is growing daily, his enemies are also increasing due to his influence in the region.

The Osman Sahab’s new move is not only that of İnegöl Tekfuru Aya Nikola; Harman Kaya Tekfur Mikahael Kosses and Bilecik Tekfur Rogatus Laskaris, as well as the Byzantine Emperor and the Catholic world! On the other hand, while Osman Sahab keeps Bala Hatun’s pregnancy a secret, this news reaches Malhun Khatoon. Malhun Khatoon’s reaction will shake the relationship between the two women.

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His name was Osman Ghazi, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi.

It was “love” that guided him through the darkness.

The earth was watered with blood and tears, cut off like the harvest of heaven.

He dreamed of a nation that would “cross” the seven heavens, the mountains, and the seven seas with “love.”

Osman Ghazi gained his power not with his sword, but with “love”.

The largest empire in history, fighting freedom against slavery, was named “Love”, “Ottoman Empire”.

Rebellion against the corrupt government that divided 72 nations, the hope of silent crying of the oppressed became the name of this organization.

Establishment Osman is The story of a tribe moving from a camp of 400 tents to a world empire with “God’s love”.

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