Watch Barbaroslar Episode 24 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 24 With English Subtitles.

The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 24 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Will the Barbaros brothers escape the trap of Gabriel’s death?

What awaits the Barbaros brothers who are fighting for their lives in their new issue:

Fearing that those who secretly enter Modan would be killed to protect the captives of Baba Oruk and Hijar Rees, Ilias agreed to hand over his navy to Gabriel despite all the warnings of his brothers.

Gabriel, who conquered Ilyas and his Janissaries by taking the navy, did not offer Oruk, but lured Hizir and his Levant into a great death trap, knowing that he had come to Modan.

How does Ilyas get out of here, surrounded by Gabriel and his soldiers? Which plan saves Hizar, Piri Raes, and his Levant from Pablo’s arrest?

What happens to Oruk Reese, whose detention is more difficult and removed from Modon? What does this neglect of Ilyas cost the Barbaros brothers?

Messiah Pasha, who wanted to prevent the strangeness in Kelemez, wanted to appoint Ilyas to the city guard. If not, Ilyas, who was known to be Skin Shahbabs, had to agree to the offer.

Barbaroslar Episode 24 With English Subtitles.

With this decision, Ilyas, who caught the wrath of Huma, Isabel, and Merriam, will do what the Messiah Pasha does before his orders. What does Hizir do when he learns that Ilyas unloaded the sword that Oruch placed on his skin?

Could Merriam reveal his true face as doubts increase day by day about my person? Will Shahin be shot and saved by Shahbaz and Shasneem?

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