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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 32 With English Subtitles (S3 E96)

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 32 With English Subtitles (S3 E96)

Establishment Osman, Chapter or Episode 32 Summary With Review And Explanation.

Chapter 96 of the Ottoman Empire:
Osman Bey and his Alps now broke down Inegol’s door. Inegol Tekfuru Nicola has no plans to give up. Nikola Osman intends to trap Bey. What will be Nicola’s treacherous plan?

Malhun and Bala Khatun, who was trying to capture Inegol, received a message that Orhan and Holofira were in trouble. What steps will Malhun and Bala Khatun take to save Orhan and Holofira?

As Osman Bey moved forward inside Inegol Fortress, the Giants and Gunduz Bey tried to capture the fortress. In the afternoon he was seriously injured. Can Gunduz Bey see Kaii Sanjak swaying on the walls of Inegol?

Although Osman Bey seemed to fall into Nikola’s trap, he set the real trap himself. How does he beat Nicolas? It seems that Nicolas has nothing left.

Can the emperor of Constantinople, whom he believes, save Nicholas from being shot in the neck? Will Osman Bey win in Inegol and feel the joy of conquest with all his loved ones?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 32 With English Subtitles (S3 E96)

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Orhan’s birth makes everyone happy!

In the episode of “The Establishment Osman,” Orhan’s birth pleased the entire Kai Obasi and the Turkmen. As the dominance of Osman Bay continues to grow day by day, his enemies in the region are also growing.

Osman Bey’s new move is not only that of Inegol Techfuru Aya Nikola; Harmankaya Tekfuru Michael Kosse and Bilecic Tekfuru Rogatus Lascaris, as well as the Byzantine Emperor and the Catholic world!

On the other hand, when Osman Bey conceals Bala Hatun’s pregnancy, the news reaches Malhun Hatun. Malhun Hutun’s response shakes the relationship between the two women.

In the episode of “The Establishment Osman,” Osman Bay was muddy in Bithynia after the kidnapping of one of the world’s leading clergymen. Mihail Kosses, Rogatus Laskaris, and Aya Nicola are making separate plans to find and conquer Pastor Gregor despite his decision to make an alliance.

Shocked by the murder of his beloved horse Carol, Osman Bey sets up a clever game by creating a conscious security weakness in the camp to find the killer. On the other hand, Turgut Bay responds to the fact that Osman Bay, unable to keep his promise, promised to bring back his Alps.

On the other hand, Malhun Hatun, who knows Bala Hatun is pregnant, gets into a power struggle with Bala Hatun! While tensions are rising with Bala Hatun’s statement that “I am the chief woman of this Oba,” the conflict between the two girls also affects the people of Oba.

Osman Bey’s goal is to break the alliance.

The return of Osman Bay to Father Gregor in his match was a great disappointment for the Taikfurs. Based on this development, Taikfur Nicola, Taikfur Kosses and Taikfur Rogatus decided to work together to take Reverend Gregor from Osman Bey. After hearing about the Taikfur Alliance, Osman Bey decided to phase out the union and chose Taikfur Rogatos as his first target.

The Emperor wants Gregor:
Meanwhile, Taikfur Kosses receives a message from the Byzantine emperor that Father Gregor has been urgently captured and sent.

Bala Khatun and Malhun Khatun were under a sudden attack by the Catalans on their way back to camp from Sogut. While the women were fighting heroically, pregnant Bala Khatun was injured. With the news of the attack setting Kai Obasi on fire, Bala Khatun is more concerned about his child than he is. Osman Bey, who has vowed to retaliate, will take steps to punish those behind the attack.

His name was Osman Ghazi, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi.

It was “love” that guided him through the darkness.

The earth was watered with blood and tears, cut off like the harvest of heaven.

He dreamed of a nation that would “cross” the seven heavens, the mountains, and the seven seas with “love.”

Osman Ghazi gained his power not with his sword, but with “love”.

The largest empire in history, fighting freedom against slavery, was named “Love”, “Ottoman Empire”.

Rebellion against the corrupt government which divided 72 nations, the hope of silent crying of the oppressed became the name of this organization.

Establishment Osman is The story of a tribe moving from a camp of 400 tents to a world empire with “God’s love”.

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