Barbaroslar Season 1 in English SubtitlesBarbaroslar With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 With English Subtitles

Watch and Review The Barbarians: The Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 1 Summary With Review and Explanation.

Hizir, Kara Hassan, Piri Reis, Murad, and Levant manage to capture Shahbaz and Piero, who cover Kelemez with blood, and prove that Ilyas is innocent and that Gabriel was behind the massacre.

After Modon’s victory, Gabriel, trying to escape, was stopped by the sword of Oruk Reis. Will Gabriel die? On the other hand, Don Diego, whose pride was trampled by the kidnapping of Shabazz and Piero.

who had taken refuge on his land, asked Oruk and Hazir to deliver the Andalusian slaves belonging to their kingdom and said that otherwise, he would start. Massacre at Kelemez.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 With English Subtitles

How will Don Diego take revenge on Oruk and Hizir for not accepting his offer? Will they attack Kelmez? Will Rosa, who wants to capture Meriem and Isabel and sell them as slaves, get her wish?

What awaits the Barbaros brothers as they fight to the death for their cases in the new episode:

Oruk, Murad, and the Levants managed to enter Sissel by rescuing Muslim slaves, sending Selim Tumi to Don Diego and hiding in their cages, breaking off Don Diego’s attack.


but Will Huma, Isabel, Meriem, and Esma be able to survive the attack that begins between them? What will Pedro do not to miss the Meriem he loves? Who steps up to save Merriem? What kind of loss do Oruç and Khidr suffer?

How will Selim Tumi take his revenge when he hears that Oruch has kidnapped his slaves? What price will Oruç and Hızır make Don Diego pay?

Will Khidr be able to avenge his loved one from Don Diego? Who will try to save Don Diego?


But How does Oruch reveal the treachery of Selim Tumi, who killed the oppressed who took refuge in him? How does Don Diego avenge his brother Pedro? What was the loss that tore the Barbaros brothers apart?

Will Hızır be able to take revenge on those who killed Oruç Reis? Will Orus Reis be able to save Algeria and the oppressed people from Don Diego’s tyranny?

What were the new conquests to be won in the seas of Hizr, who, with a ring sent with the greeting and praise of Yavuz Sultan Selim, but was henceforth declared to bear the name of “Barbarous Haireddin”?



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