Destan Season 1 With English Subtitles

Watch Destan Season 1 Episode 19 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 19 With English Subtitles.

Epic Destan Series Chapter or Episode 19 Summary With Review And Explanation.

Epic Episode 19:

Alpagu Khan broke the secret meeting that Batuga had arranged for the unity of the Turks, seriously injuring Balamir and Colpan Khan. Will Batuga, Akkız, Saltuk and Temur be able to take Cholpan Han and Balamir to Kun Atay and save them?

Alpagu Khan, but who thinks that he killed Çolpan Khan and Balamir after the invasion, goes to the West Gök House and seizes it. Will the beg be forgiven Alpagu Khan without her head? Will Alpagu Khan regain his former power?

but Batuga was evacuated to the Mountain Throne by Çolpan Khan. Batuga, the Mountain House, is celebrating Newroz, which is not only the arrival of spring but also the symbol of the Turks’ departure from Ergenekon. The wedding of Sırma and Yaman will be held until the mourning ends.

While the preparations for the Sırma and Yaman wedding, which will be done according to Turkish customs, continue, Akkız, with the help of Gunseli and Çalayir, goes to Gök Palace and finds out where his mother hid! When Alaca embraces Akkiz with the words “You are more beautiful than my dreams, the smell of the day you were born”, will Akkiz be able to save Alaca who is said to be her mother?

but Will they be able to get their mother and daughter together? Ulu Ece has learned about the wedding and is determined to eliminate not only Akkız and Batuga but the entire Mountain tribe! What will be Ulu Ece’s moves?

Destan Season 1 Episode 19 With English Subtitles

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