Watch Destan Season 1 Episode 24 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 24 With English Subtitles.

Destan Series Chapter or Episode 24 Summary With Review And Explanation.

Epic Episode 24:

Batuga, who showed great Turkishness during his captivity, took an unexpected step to kill Obar. Will Batuga or Obar win as a result of this movement?

Revengeful for centuries, the Itbaraks attacked and killed the Gok Khanate to avenge their ancestors. What will be the next target of dogs that mix wildness with revenge?

Akkyz, who ran from danger to danger to save the drowning, is in even greater danger. This time Akkyz and Batuga, stuck at a dead end of love and death, are waiting for the result. Will love or death prevail?

Obar, who attacked the Gok Khanate to avenge his ancestors; arrested Alpagu Khan. Hundreds of years after Oguz Khan and Barak Khan met on the battlefield, what happened to Alpagu and Obar this time? Will history repeat itself, or will the result be different this time?

Kaya, who used the attack of the dogs, not only saved his life, but both of them sat on the throne and tried to prevent Alpagu Khan from returning to the palace. Will Kaya’s efforts be successful? Can Kaya, who made a deal with the enemy, convince his nation?

The Great Sister, who lost her crown due to the betrayal of Kaya and Yibek, does not accept his position and begins to take revenge. Who will share in the wrath of the Great Sister?

Destan Season 1 Episode 24 With English Subtitles

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