Epic Season 2 In English Subtitles

Watch Destan Season 2 Episode 1 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 2 Episode 1 With English Subtitles.

Destan Series Chapter or Episode 28 Summary With Review And Explanation.

Epic Episode 28:

With Arture’s deployment, Batuga and Akkiz set out to secure the crown for Ulu Kam Esirgun. When they arrived at Esirgun Kam’s tent, they unexpectedly announced each other, Akikiz and Batuga, tied the belt and declared their union with Sarigun Kam. How does this new scenario of our lovers resonate with Goku Sare? Can lovers meet this time?

The Itbaracs secretly infiltrated the Sky Palace, killed the gokebens, burned the herbs they had prepared, and left the rooms of the little Khan, Temur, and Kaya Tegins in the smoke. What is the fate of Han, Temur, and Kaya, who are out of smoke? Will the descendants of the Gok Khanate survive this assassination attempt harmlessly or will they pay the price?

Itbarax, who sought Barak Khan’s crown at the Palace, demolished Alpagu Khan, Temur, and Kaya Tegins for their new game. Alpagu Khan confronts two crises in the face of Itaparks’ new game, Chepir. Either Khan crowns Ober for the life of his descendants, or he sacrifices his own and his sons’ lives for the Turkish nation. In the event of this crisis, will Akkize and Batuga’s plan to eliminate the crowding of the crowd succeed?

As if Obar had lost his crown in an ambush, it was not enough that he was set up and left to die. However, what are Oberon’s new plans for a war-torn crown after Batuga wounds, Ober, with a dagger?

Destan Season 2 Episode 28 With English Subtitles

Kaya Tegins was spared by double-headed Wolf Batuga, reborn Akkiz, Alpagu Khan, and Temur Itbarak. What does Batuga do to meet Gök Tengri’s announcement as Gök Khanate? Batuga, proclaimed Tegin to unite the Turks, restores Gok HoRDa to its former power, and take the western sky from Itbarax.

Ulu Ese, a life-threatening attack on Gunselly, saw an unexpected response from Gunseley and found herself in jail. What new moves for escaping the dungeon with a little cooperation are offered? Do old friendships or new hatreds develop in the palace?

Itbarax, who entered the Sky Palace, clashed with Saltuk and Colpan. Itbarax had shot and killed Skyward’s Yasavalu Saltuk in the back. How does Colpan Han take revenge on Saltuk, who lost the love he couldn’t meet?

Mae Jin, who had been in love with her since she heard the news of her husband’s death, saved Akkiz and helped her. May Mae Jin, who played an essential role in the ambush of the Ober to win the love of Temur, can win the love of Temur that he learned to live with? Will their marriage remain a political marriage, or will the marriage come out of the house?

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